Monday, September 05, 2005

Brownie you're doing a helluva job

Jon Stewart "President Bush is probably the healthiest chief executive in the history of the United does he do it? A punishing physical regimen and a complete disconnect with reality"

Today the complete disconnect with reality was in full evidence. After the New Orleans debacle he actually had the stones to lean over to Michael Brown, the grossly incomptent FEMA director and tell him in full sight of the worlds press "Brownie you're doing one helluva job"

As the good ol boys would say in Texas steer country......"Dubbya yoh one dumb sumbitch"

I'm predicting that Michael Brown, formely of the International Arabian Horse Association, will be "Garnered" pretty he is gonna get tossed just like Lt. General Jay Garner, "Iraq's McArthur", was tossed after he made some inopportune public statements.


Blogger PJ Bickett said...

Jay-to-the-San, another excellent article! I enjoyed your email articles...but this will be so much better and easier to read/share.

So, not to put you on the spot, but I want to hear your viewpoint on the New Orleans disaster from the standpoint of who you feel is at fault (federal/state/local/citizens) for the slow reaction time, coupled with the poor communication of search-and-rescue efforts. And moving forward on this and future national (not natural) catastrophes, who should be responsible for taking the reigns.

4:22 PM  

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