Sunday, November 13, 2005

What the heck is wrong with Pat Robertson?

Will someone tell Pat Robertson to just shut his mouth. The man is an anachrnonism and a continuing embarassment to this country.

Pat's recent foot in mouth effort came up as a result of the town of Dover, Pa voting out of office last Tuesday, their entire school board of trustees because the trustees supported the teaching of Intelligent Design in their science curriculum.

Pat serving as the Oracle of God, has warned the good citizens of Dover that they are now on the Almighty's shit list. Do not complain he opines if God turns his back on you and sends you the bird flu or the monkey pox in retribution....ask Charles Darwin for help should this happen......


Keep in mind just last month he stated that the CIA should kill Hugo Chavez the President of Venezuela and on 9/11 when the wound of the attack was still raw and gaping he (and the corpulently fat Jerry Falwell) stated that the terrorist attack was Gods punishment on America for suporting Roe v Wade and gay rights.

I believe in a three strikes and you're out policy......when will the FCC revoke this mans license for propogating hate speech.... This is more egregious and a greater threat to American values than Janet Jacksons exposed right breast at the last Superbowl....


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