Saturday, December 17, 2005

King Kong

So I went to see King Kong yesterday. It is a beautifully filmed movie, directed by a master craftsman (Peter Jackson) but unfortunately I still felt the movie lacked coherence. At 187 minutes it is at least 67 minutes too long. The movie feels bloated - kinda how I feel after going to the local Chinese All you can eat Buffet - except without the flatulence :)

King Kong has some great scenes - unfortunately these scenes could have conveyed their points in about a third of the length. Kong's fight with the TRex's is spectacularly original but at almost 5 minutes starts to feel like nails on chalk board. Similarly the Brontosaurus stampede was phenomenal but just went on and on and on.

The movie has great casting also. Naomi Watts is absolutely lovely as Ann Darrow - the Beauty to Kongs Beast. Jack Black, as the amoral Carl Denham is insanely spectacular and almost Kiplingesque in the role of the great white explorer complete with blazing eyes, pith helmet and a devil may care derring do. The special effects are also wonderful - King Kong is real and believeable. The expressions on his face are beautiful and tender and most human.

My suggestion is to see this movie but take your Black Berry so you can check email or surf the web when you get bored.


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