Thursday, January 05, 2006

India - the giant is Awakening

I am in India visiting my family. My brother has been diagnosed with cancer and is making a courageous fight against the disease. Its been hard on everyone involved. I am totally blown away by the energy that I feel in India since I got here. There seems to be a buzz about the place. It seems India is finally awakening. The cellphone is ubiquituous. Even vegetable sellers have cell phones. Dhirubhai Ambani's statement of "Duniya haath main" (the world in your hand) seems to have come to pass in a very significant way.
Chennai is the next software capital of India. As Banglaore reaches saturation many companies are shifting here. I cant help but notice the irony....the city I live in in the US and the city of my birth are both car towns.....Chennai has production facilities for GM, Hyundai and Mercedes. BMW is slated to open here too....can you believe Indian made Bimmas for Indians.


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