Monday, March 05, 2007

The other face of the Iraq War

Specialist Jeremy Duncan testifies before the House Subcommittee of Government Reform and Oversight today at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC. He was appearing as a witness in the Congressional investigation of the appalling conditions under which Iraqi veterans and their families are being treated by the VA Hospitals.

The war in Iraq has injured over 30,000 of our young men and women. In WW 2 30 percent of people injured on the battlefield died, in Vietnam it was 24%, in Iraq (due to a huge improvement in medical technology) it is now 10%. The negative of this is that horribly injured people now survive their injuries and our medical infrastructure is unable to handle the long convalescence and therapy to get them back on their feet.

The Walter Reed mess once again reveals the innate hypocrisy of Americas right. The GOP supports the troops when they want them to sacrifice their bodies to fight their nasty, foolish and badly planned war. However their support seems to diminish when the badly mangled bodies get home and ask for expensive medical care.


Blogger Seema said...

Belittling all wars - Not just Iraq-

As woman on a subject that she has interest in, but can never get fully involved with because sanity prevents her - all the wars seem unnecessary .I would describe them as restless testosterone with adrenalin in the veins and nothing to give it to. Therefore the wars .

Infact the first war was plain mayhem like some kids got the power ranger sets and they bullied the rest so the east side kids fought the west side bullies .Period. They had to -the west side took away all the tree houses !

And the second, honestly i would say was more a Russia and the US camouflage war that finds its roots in 1867 Alaska sale - when Alaska was sold for 7.2 million dollar to the US .Allies popping in with vested motives, the second war just got so global - it became everyone's war .The second world war is thus a War in the name of fuel and fraud than anything envisaged by most.

If the US did not set up base in the Alaskan camp to investigate the environment besides sea otter fur trading ....and subsequently checked for natural resources -and with confirming positively impressive data at their end- Alaska would have stayed with Russia .

So when the irresistible offer of 12C per acre came thru ,the then Czar lapped it up only to regret in 1880 that it carried Gold! Wen this smarting had almost dried the US began drilling for Oil .That did it - Russian raw nerves now had to charge into war .And the rest of the world found silly reasons from the precipitates of the previous war ,to participate .

How different is the Vietnam? The Iraq? Kuwait wars? Most have economic reasons and what's common is bloodshed -loss of life and predictably economic degradation .Now with all this known what could be the reason man still hankers for war ? Maybe our population is exploding and because we like rats, don’t commit mass suicide, some of us have to kill the others.

At the rate at which we are growing a catastrophe in the form of massive war or the plague is just around the corner so wars are means of control .And now look at it this way, the Taliban and every fanatic religious group or even archaic country like the US are actually helping!

The day we stop talking about war will be coz we have a new topic to discuss - death by disease!

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