Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bush "Crying Baby" strategy for Iraq

Bush strategy is to keep the troops till April and then draw down next year.....he will use any underhanded means and spin to do that. Why April....well in April the major rotations end and the troops will be coming home anyway. This means come next spring they will start saying that benchmarks are being met and the troops are now ready to come home. This will give the GOP candidates for President the ability to say that they got the troops home. After the troops leave the full blown blood letting will start and it will be the successors (probably a Democrat) problem. So just as a baby sitter hands over a crying baby to its parents after a difficult night and hightails it Bush is counting on doing this to his successor. This way Bush ensures his own personal legacy. He can state that as long as he was in charge there was no widespread sectarian blood bath..NO KILLING FIELDS........Chris Hitchens says that the apt comparison for Iraq is not Vietnam but Cambodia....with the Sunni and Shia militias being closer to the Khmer Rouge rather than the Vietcong.....Chilling indeed if what Hitch says is true


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