Saturday, September 01, 2007

Republican hypocrisy - Top 10

One of my brothers maintains that all politicians are hypocrites...and I agree. However there is a version of hypocrisy within the GOP that I believe is particularly egregious. There has been a literal parade of so called family values and holier than thou Republicans who are getting exposed for some extremely poor behavior recently. Is this just bad luck or is there a deeper malaise that is surfacing in the Republican Party? Here are some of their greatest hits on the hypocrisy charts in the last 2 years.

1. Newt Gingrich admitting to the Rev. James Dobson that he was having an affair WHILE he was leading the charge against Clinton during Monicagate.

2. Senator David Vitter of Louisiana who was sent to Congress initially to replace Congressman and speaker elect Bob Livingston in 1999, when Livingston was exposed as having had numerous extra marital affairs. At that time Vitter pledged a new type of honesty and morality. Well he was exposed as being a frequent visitor of a high class Washington brothel. (Needless to say Congressman Vitter was one of the loudest baying hounds during Monicagate also).

3. Senator Larry Craig from Idaho who was very strong on opposing gay marriage pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for lewd conduct....the lewd conduct being soliciting gay sex in an airport bathroom.

4. Congressman Mark Foley who was chairman of the sexual crimes against children commission was exposed as having inappropriate contact via email with several underage male interns and pages in Congress. He was also accused of stalking these "children".

5. House Speaker Tom "the Hammer" Delay, a law and order, fire and brimstone fundamentalist if there ever was one brought down by his tawdry associations with lobbyist Jack Abramoff that led to him accepting gifts from the lobbyist that he did not declare (including a 100K jaunt to play golf at St Andrews in Scotland)

6. Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska - his house was raided by the FBI after one of his associates fingered him as a key receiver of graft.

7. Rev. Ted Haggard - a key Bush Lieutenant during the 2004 election to rally evangelicals was exposed as having had an affair with a male prostitute and also having "experimented" with crystal meth.

8. Rush Limbaugh - the voice of the "disenfranchised white male" - exposed as having been addicted to prescription drugs and buying them illegally. This is the same Rush Limbaugh who stated for years on his show that the government should throw the book at all drug dealers and users and lock them all up (no therapy for users) if they wanted to solve the drug problem in this country.

9. Jack Abramoff the disgraced lobbyist who hired Ralph Reed the former President of the Christian Coalition to rally evangelicals to help close down an Indian casino chain (To prevent the corruption of our society). It was exposed that Abramoff was actually representing a competitor Indian Casino and was not particularly interested in saving Americans from gambling away their life savings.

10. Ralph Reed for knowing about Jack Abramoff''s plan of duplicity and still going through with it


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