Tuesday, July 10, 2007

China executes, Bush commutes....

China executed the former head of its Food and Drug Administration agency, Zheng Xiaoyu, for taking bribes and gifts valued at $832,000 USD. Some of the drugs that the Chinese FDA fradulently approved during Mr. Zhengs tenure caused the deaths of about 10 Chinese citizens.

While the sentence seems abnormally harsh even by the low human rights standards of the Peoples Republic, it seems ironic that while China executes officials for dereliction of duty, the President of the United States has commuted the prison term of a man who not only revealed the identity of an active CIA agent but also perjured himself to a grand jury while trying to cover up that leak.

Of course this man is no ordinary man. He is part of a cabal of Washington insiders who have for the last six years set this country on a disastorous foreign policy course. Their policies have mired the United States in a desert hell hole in a war that it cannot win and have caused the deaths of at least 3500 Americans and over 100,000 Iraqis.

He, the cabal and its leader (aka the US Vice-President) continue to thumb their noses at both the legislative and judicial branches of the United States as they go about their business unapolgetically, shamelessly conducting their phony, ill thought out and horribly executed war.


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