Thursday, May 24, 2007

Iraqi girl stoned to death

This is just too horrifying to watch. I don't want to blame Islam because these kinds of actions predate Islam. This is tribalism at its most horrific. What it shows is that the people we are trying to democratize are really so far away from the basic tenets of decent human behavior that democracy is a pipe dream. This girl belonged to the Yazdi clan in Kurdistan. They are not Muslims per se but follow tenets of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The girls crime....she was dating a Sunni Muslim.

I personally couldn't get through a few seconds of it because I felt physically ill. What is reprehensible is that the police men in the video are watching and doing absolutely nothing.

Throughout the Islamic world especially in Jordan, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq honor killings happen with alarming frequency. Surprisingly we don't hear of honor killings in Malaysia and Indonesia. I think south east Asian Islam is more temperate than its Middle Eastern / Pakistani counterparts. More diluted perhaps because the followers are more influenced by the pacifism of Buddhism and Hinduism or maybe they are just less tribal.


Blogger Blog reader said...

It is totally a barbaric act. They are born to be barbarians. There is nothing anyone can do to remodel these uncivilized people. The behavior of the public and the police throughout the episode demonstrates how physically handicapped they are when it comes to rescuing a soul in distress. This is a shame to the Arab world. I Don’t think any religion, including Islam would allow for this kind of brutality. The fact is the political and religious leader’s support and sponsor barbarism.

Bush's dream, to bring democracy in Iraq is unrealistic. He needs to find a substitute for Saddam Hussian who can rule these people with an iron fist.

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Blogger Dr. Reason said...

Well Bush' big mistake is that he thinks that the US definition of liberal values is a global absolute. It is not. All people love freedom but freedom means different things in different parts of the world. Also in order to have freedom you need to have some necessary conditions (to use a mathematical term). These are institutions, laws and some level of equality amongst the genders and different minorities. None of this is really prevalent in the middle east with the exception of Turkey

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