Monday, April 09, 2007

Rachel Paulose - Political Hack or Talented Immigrant Makes Good?

Rachel Paulose the US Attorney in Minneapolis is attracting a lot of attention. At 33 she is the youngest US Attorney in history and the first woman in Minnesota to hold the post. She got her JD from Yale.

However controversy is brewing. Four of her top staff voluntarily demoted themselves Thursday, fed up with Paulose, who, after just months on the job, has earned a reputation as rather bad manager with limited people skills. She apparently is known to quote the Bible and also speak with an acid tongue to underlings. Deputy U.S. Attorney John Marti is just one of the people dropping themselves in rank to simply [an assistant] U.S. Attorney position. Also making the move are the heads of Paulose’s criminal and civil divisions and the top administrative officer. The move is intended to send a message to Washington – that 33-year-old Paulose is in over her head.

I find her statement in her investiture speech to be particularly comical and deliberately misleading. She says her grandparents fled Kerala after the Communists were elected. This statement makes it sound like the Kerala communists (the first time ever a communist party was elected anywhere) organized some kind of Stalinist purge that would cause her family to want to run for the safety of America. The Namboodripad government worked more on land reform and addressing historic injustices through policy rather than violence. They were also dismissed by the Central Govt. a scant two years after being elected. It did not transform Kerala into a Gulag. Clearly she was using Americans lack of knowledge of world history to give the impression that her family had fled some kind of Keralite Holocaust. Complete hogwash.

I am sure that this wont be the last we hear about this woman. Read more about her at


Blogger Stewart_Colbert said...

Political Hack for sure! I'm amazed how some a small minority of indian immigrants identity so much with right wing conservatism (as opposed to a more moderate pluralistic conservatism). Another joker is Ramesh Ponuru, writes for the National Review! Most indians i know hate Bush and hence his sycophants!

I thought she was keralite, wasn't sure till you're post. Psycho lady for sure IMHO!

Bush and Rove have totally politized every part of the government's running. Shame!

10:48 AM  
Blogger Ravee said...

As always, our Kerala Syrian Christian community's ability to self-aggrandize and exaggerate our accomplishments never fails to impress me. I love the "fleeing the election of a communist government" bit. The very notion that the term "election" and "communist" could actually fit together appropriately in a sentence should give lie to her assertion that this situation was worth "fleeing".

This sort of thing just contributes to the level of baseline ignorance that the average American has about India anyway...typical ABCD (American-Born Confused Desi) nonsense. She should be ashamed of herself for saying things like this... Ya Kerala has such a terrible reputation as a gulag... it certainly does have a reputation, and it can be gulag-like at times, but for all of us that identify with Arundati Roy's "The God of Small Things", we know that the "oppression" has almost nothing to do with political expression... ;-)

3:13 PM  

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