Friday, April 06, 2007

Of Wanderers and Stars

A poem I wrote when I was 19......

In the cold darkness of space
Drift the stars, the bearers of light
And the planets, the bearers of life

There within the suns glare rides...Mercury
The fleet footed messenger of the Gods
His pockmarked face lost to sight
In the light of obscurity

And closer to us, Venus, Goddess of Love
Nocturnal companion of the Moon
Her beautiful face veiled to us
Beneath sulfurous clouds

O Mars, Great Warrior
What battle did you lose
To be condemned to so lonesome a fate
Are we seeing our future
In your past

Jupiter, Celestial Cyclops,
The King of Planets
So great your size,
Yet Noman roams your surface

Saturn, ringed wanderer
Lord of the Harvest
Your many moons like faithful wives follow
Accompanying you on your soundless sojourn

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
So distant and so alone
Isolation and Desolation
Are your companions
In your silent voyage
Thru eternal space


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