Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Can our mind influence events?

This Princeton study would seem to indicate yes.

"....for more than 25 years engineering professor Robert G. Jahn has been testing the ability of people to influence physical objects by their thoughts. (His lab closed last month.) In thousands of experiments, he has found that they can, but only by tiny amounts—a few hundredths of a percent, a level that achieves statistical significance only because of the very large number of trials involved....."



Blogger Seema said...

I am an advocate of mind over matter -But how much will it matter if it can move matter - does it matter ? ..... unless you are with the Salem institute for the Almanac of the Uncanny :-)

But i can say it does have influence on everything everyday .Here is one that inspired me to make it my motivational line .
i read this Yale university trivia .Sometime in 1950's they ran a study on tots aged 5 and 6 to note they dreams and aspirations .Some quirky ones changed future plans by the minute and some shown consistency .
Interestingly sometime in the 90's when they were restructuring some parts of the building they bumped into the old carton of reports .They tracked and hunted down the kids who'd now grown to be adults.

Is it uncanny -unbelievable or plain coincidence that the four kids who specifically mentioned what they wanted to be when they grew up with consistency, grew up to be the only millionaires who were either doing what they said they would at 6, or were in some way in related fields- like the kid who said he wanted to own a farm -lots of land - became a powerful realtor .

Time has proven that when you want something bad ,even time plays a loosing battle with you .We all have 2 choices - either we will be victim to time or time will be our victim .

Some use power of the mind - to bend time -some don't. Now here is something new for the String theory - mind bending time:-)

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