Friday, May 11, 2007

Ann and Barry

Ann Coulter is referring to Barack Obama in her columns as B. Hussein Obama...I must say seeing his name as B. Hussein Obama was startling....makes him look very, very foreign....I can see how this would resonate very negatively in the heartland.....

Makes you wonder why didnt the dude just change his name to Barry O' Bama - you know kinda like dem Black Irish in South America...:)

Oh and one of the rags either the Enquirer or Globe had a picture (Photo Shopped of course) of Obama in full Muslim garb with the topi and was funny but once again Jack and Jill Six Pack aren't gonna really know the difference.....luckily Jack and Jill Six pack don't usually vote

And one more thing - this week on American Idol 45 million people voted....that is slightly less than half the number of people who cast votes in a Presidential election....and we wonder why this country may be on the wrong track....


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