Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why the Democrats must resist the urge to impeach Bush or Cheney

The impeach Bush and Cheney bandwagon is gathering steam. This week the latest poll numbers (http://www.americanresearchgroup.com/) show about 45% of Americans in favor of impeaching the President and about 55% in favor of impeaching the Vice President.

The Democrats should not make a move to impeach the President and the Vice President unless a clear crime that meets the "high crimes and misdemeanors" standard is discovered.

The GOP of course had no such qualms about moving to impeach Clinton for the fairly harmless crime of lying under oath about a personal sexual relationship. Clinton's crime certainly did not pass the high crimes and misdemeanors standard. While it is true that the Presidents Iraq policy has caused the death and injury of over 30,000 Americans, Congress should not seek to criminalize the President over his bad (make that disastrous) management of a war. Bush and the GOP should pay a price at the ballot box for that

The founders allowed for impeachment only when the very fabric of the country's democracy is under threat due to corruption in the executive office. It is NOT to be used to get rid of an unpopular chief executive. Although this Administration trumped up the reasons for war, instituted torture, lied to the American people and used the biggest tragedy in American history for political gain, democracy is still thriving in this country. Just look at the election results of last November.

I predict that the election results of November 2008 will not only serve the same result as impeaching the President and the Vice President but will also cause the GOP numbers to shrink even further in Congress. So the Democrats should be patient. Revenge after all is a dish best eaten cold.....


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