Saturday, September 24, 2011

The humiliation of Barack Obama

Barack Obama gets on the Netanyahu Express and vetos the Palestinian vote on self determination. A sad day for those who believe in the ideal of our American founding.

We once stood for something...something great, noble and just...that shining city on the Hill....But no longer....Our policies seem more and more to be dictated through the political calculus of a Presidential election.

Imagine if LBJ had decided to hold off on civil rights legislation to maintain the Democrat (Dixiecrat) hold over the South. Obama by vetoing the Palestinian attempt at self determination has just done the equivalent. His reasons are obvious. Clearly he is worried about the election and the potential demagoguery from the Right about him siding with his "Muslim" bretheren over our loyal (not) Israel ally.

And clearly Florida 2012 must have been considered in his calculus. But neither matters.

Obama blinked and his blinking will embolden those who hate him anyway.


Blogger Nirupa said...

If you were in his position you would do the same. He had no choice.
The problem with this congress is it is Full of Tea party Idiots.
He should have passed the jobs bill last year when he had 60 senate votes
I suppose he now knows the Republicans will defy him in every way and they will never work with him they will do everything to bring him down.
Motherfucking right wing idiots. Cannot believe they cheer for a dying person with no insurance,they cheer for the number of executions takin.g place in Texas and they boo a gay service member serving the country iniraq
I sincerely hope the Crazies do not win in 2012.

1:14 PM  

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