Monday, January 30, 2006

Good night and good luck

Highly recommended. In my opinion the best of the Oscar nominees. I have seen 4 out of the 5 movies nominated - Munich, Capote, Crash and Good night. I havent seen Brokeback Mountain mainly because Im squeamish about seeing a gay cowboy love story (there I said it...I used to love HBOs six feet under but then the gay scenes were fairly minimal and I would just go get a snack during them :)

David Straithairn as Edward R. Murrow is spectacular. He has captured the essence of the man. Dour, forthright and measured he is a formidable check against the mercuric and acerbic Senator Joe McCarthy (who stars as himself since Clooney splices footage liberally from the various Senate show trials of the 50s)

The most important message of the movie is what Clooney is not saying. Replace Joe McCarthy for Vice President Cheney or Communism with terrorism and you have a fantastic parallel being presented between what went on during one of Americas blackest periods of the 20th century and what is going on today with the current administration.


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