Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Time to Rejoice - Its Morning Again in America.

As the good book says "to every thing there is a season" and it finally seems like it is spring time for the Democrats and for this country. I am not sure how elated the greatest generation felt on VE day but I definitely feel something approaching that. Elation tinged with relief and joy. The darkness is finally dissipating and to quote a great Ronald Reagan line from 1980......"Its morning again in America".

The Dems with this victory have opened the windows and let in some much needed fresh air. The dank odor of a stupid, risky, expensive and badly executed war predicated on mis truths and half truths needs to be purged. Add to that the rampant hypocrisy and corruption that has been foisted up on us and you can understand the deep sense of anger behind this verdict. To put it simply the American people have had enough with this Administration and have had enough of being conned by the neo cons.

So much of Bush's legacy has been repudiated today. Sorry Mr. Bush but staying the course is no longer an option. You need to change your plan, admit your mistakes and move on. Thats what great Presidents like Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman (men you supposedly admire) have done.

Despite the best efforts of the most partisan and mean spirited GOP (remember Tom Delay's redistricting efforts) the Democrats have prevailed. The Blue has washed some of the Red away and the only Red left is on the face of the President, his glowering Vice President, Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman. Full credit must go to Rep. Rahm Emmanuel (IL) and Sen Chuck Schumer (NY), the architects of this great victory.

The American people in their own way have restored the balance. It took a long time but it happened. The wisdom of the Founders when they designed this great country once again comes shining through. The American experiment and Constitution still prevails despite the best laid plans and assaults from mediocre Southern men.

While we savor this victory we should remain humble and moderate. Speaker Nancy Pelosi must choose carefully the chairmen of the committees and these chairmen should NOT over reach. This means no impeachment proceedings against Bush or Rumsfeld for within this Democratic victory could also lie the seeds of their destruction in two years shoudl they do so.

If we stay the course, if we do not recklessly ignite the culture wars (ie keep Kerry, Pelosi, Dean, Ted Kennedy and the Massachusetts Supreme Court out of the front pages) then perhaps in 2008 the true prize will once again be the Democrats


Blogger Stewart_Colbert2008 said...

Nice post, icing is the senate with the Webb victory. Agree with you esp on two points you make ie
- keeping kerry/dean and the ultra lefties out of policy till after 2008.
- Way to go Rahm and Schummer, they deserve a lot of credit for showing real politik strategy and skill.

10:38 AM  

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