Monday, May 01, 2006

If you love Immigrants - Stay at Home Today......NOT!! is stay at home day if you agree that Immigrants are

a. vital to this economy and
b. getting an unfair shake

Well as an immigrant to this great country I fervently believe both of the above points but I also think its ridiculous to consider boycotting work to make this point to the rest of the country.

I think that masses of brown skinned people waving the flags of their countries of origin and carrying Spanish placards as they gather in squares and march in many of our largest cities are just going to serve as fodder for the right wing to say "see I told you so....these are a bunch of militant, anti American law breakers with mixed and confused loyalties"

Even several of my moderate and Liberal American friends (albeit native born) are not happy that this boycott is taking place. I personally think most Americans accept the fact that Immigrants are essential to the economy. I also think that most reasonable Americans believe that a porus border is NOT in the best interests of this country.

The fact that this has suddenly become a centerpiece issue in 2006 is telling. Every 4 years the GOP searches for a bete noire to scare the American public shitless. Since the global war on terrorism no longer elicits a chubby amongst the voters the GOP is moving to painting illegals as the next thing to be scared about.

We have gone from being told to be scared about the "mushroom cloud over St Louis" to being told to be scared of Luiz the Mushroom picker.

Plan on having the threat levels start to creep up as November approaches


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