Thursday, February 23, 2006

The spiral of violence just keeps advancing....Civil War in Iraq?

So yesterday the Sunnis blew up the golden dome of the al-askariyya mosque in the city of Samarra.....this is probably the most audacious insurgent attack since the early days of the insurgency....

It seems like a full scale civil war is just around the corner. The only thing holding the Shia back despite much Sunni provocation is that the Shia leadership knows that they have the most to gain from the peace initiatives and are urging the Shia to stay home and not go out on the street and protest.

Either way the situation is is only a matter of time before the Sunnis attack the Imam Ali Mosque or even kill someone like Grand Ayaltollah Ali Sisitani. Once that happens it is unlikely that this slide into madness can be stopped.


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