Saturday, February 04, 2006

Much Ado about Mohammed

Ok so some Danish paper published some cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed. Who would have thought that it would result in this global furor? From the Gaza strip to London, Muslim protests have unfolded. A call for the boycott of European goods, the burning of two European embassies in Syria, the calling back of Ambassadors, the firing of a French editor have all taken place because Islamic sentiments have been offended by this (non) event.

Here are the cartoons. Look and decide for yourself. I don’t find any of them particularly offensive. Maybe one of them, i.e. the one of Mohammed with the dynamite strapped on his turban is over the top....but the rest look pretty harmless at least when viewed with non Muslim eyes.

Muslims need to get over the fact that in free societies it is ok to criticize a religion even if it is an unfair criticism. The general response to criticizing a religion is not to launch jihad

Many Muslim journalists have rightly stated that the fault for the negative view of Islam in the West lies with Muslims and the jihadist’s. If one looks at the history of the twentieth century - the activities most closely associated with the words Islam or Islamic have been hijacking, suicide bomber and terror. Ordinary Muslims have ceded the right to represent Islam to the crackpots and the crackpots have resulted in completely tarnishing the brand. This is just another manifestation of jihadist hysteria.


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