Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gerald Ford - RIP

I feel like Im becoming an Obit writer...Friedman, Picnochet, James Brown....and now Gerald Rudolph Ford......What an amazing life. US Navy, Congressman, House Leader, Member of the Warren Commission, Vice President of the United States and finally our 38th President. The only man to achive the office without ever running for it (He became VP when Spiro T Agnew resigned in 1973).

93 years of public service to this great country. A wife, Betty Ford, who made a huge difference in the treatment of addictions. A man who helped heal the United States during one of its darkest hours of crisis in the aftermath of the Nixon resignation. His name will forever be synonymous with forgiveness. After pardoning Nixon for Watergate he also helped heal that other dark stain on Americas psyche, the Vietnam War, by the signing of the Paris Accord in 1975. Courage, forgiveness and decency. Something we really do not see in Washington today. God rest his soul.

Some President Ford trivia from Dr Reason's archive of useless information.....just for you Kennedy assasination conspiracy theorists:

As a member of the Warren Commission he altered the text of the Report slightly to indicate that the first bullet that struck the President entered through the neck and not through the back. By moving the entry point 2 or 3 inches higher he was able to discredit the "magic bullet theory" which stated that if the bullet entered through the back it could not also have struck Governor Connolly (as the Commission also claimed) unless it made a "magic" 90 degree turn in mid air.By moving the entry point to the neck the bullet did not have to make the magic 90 degree turn.

Fords act has greatly contributed to the speculation of a government coverup and that Lee Harvey was framed. Many years later Ford would admit that he did this only to make the text of the Warren Report clearer and not to rewrite history or push a particluar viewpoint.


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