Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rudi - Judy - Bizarro Love

Rudi Guliani, the leading Republican candidate for President was speaking to the NRA this week. In the middle of this address to what is a core constituency of the GOP his cellphone rang. Rudi took the call. It was his third wife, Judy Nathan calling from London. What followed was either the most staged public display of affection since Al Gore tongued Tipper on stage or proof perhaps that Americas mayor is completely henpecked or just that he is a plain ol' weirdo. Here is the event. You draw your own conclusions.


Blogger Blog reader said...

Rudy answers Judy’s call with a big grin, amidst an important speech he was delivering to the members of the NRA. Is’nt it weird… was he ignorant of telephone etiquette? or may be he is compelled to keep his cell phone on due to mysterious reasons………… so that, Judy could grab Rudy by his hair when he goes off the track?

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