Thursday, October 18, 2007

Phir bhi dil hai hindustani???

The ties that one has to ones homeland and hometown are through family. With the demise of my dad six years ago and my brother last year - the ties back to Chennai and India are so much weaker. With the sale of our last property this year our commercial ties are gone too. Its at many levels so disheartening. Immigration 25 years ago was just the act of moving my physical body to Canada and then the heart was still in India. However the events of the last few years are seriously challenging that. Being in Madras without my brother (this is my first visit after his death) was very unsettling. There was always a confidence (because of his connections) that was so reassuring especially since the first few days in Madras are always alienating and hostile. I am not even sure I want to really visit again.


Blogger Stewart_Colbert said...

As Bill would say, "I feel your pain". I still have bro and family there but my feelings to India and Chennai have weakened since moving to N.America 17 years ago. Interesting i want to go back to visit wildlife parks (Kanha, Corbett National park etc) more than hang out in the metros! I get bored after a week since i don't have a life out there!

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