Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Great Wall

I saw another one of the must see places on my list of life time must see places. The great wall. Me and my Tibetan guide the same girl Xian that I met at Tianamen went to see the wall at Si Ma Tai the most remote part of the wall from Beijing. It is almost 2.5 hrs by car. There are nearer walls (at Ba Da Ling and at Mu Tian Yu) but Xian advised against going there. Turned out to be a great decision, When we got to Si Ma Tai it was almost deserted. It was really awesome. Walking the wall is like climbing a steep mountain. How the Chinese built something so magnificent almost 600 years ago is beyond belief. In a sense the great wall was one of the first "Networks" - the Chinese used flags and flares to pass signals along its length. In addition, they also used it to quickly transport troops and horses. So it served both as an actual highway and an information highway. Pretty damn awesome.


Blogger delhiite said...

Nicely taken shot..Sanjay...a true picture of architectural marvel!Isn't it true that 2 to 3 million chinese died while building this?
Also i believe its the longest human/ man-made architectural structure!

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