Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where we shine?

India does English so much better than China. In China I have to show a card with the mandarin characters to the cabbie to get anywhere. The only words I know in Mandarin are Neehaa and xiexie (shishi) - means welcome and thank you. I'm sure with my accent I'm probably insulting the cabbies mother or something.

I think Chinese are good doers - Indians are good thinkers. This maybe the divide. I'm not saying Chinese cant think and Indians cant do...I think its an affinity or a propensity...Indians all want to be like Brahmins - just think and do pujas and attend Bharatanatyam recitals. .......perhaps its in our DNA.

George was recounting an interesting story. He doesn't eat seafood. He was visiting a distributor in some small town. He gave strict orders, several times to the distributor that he couldn't eat sea food...he arrives in small town and sees that dinner is a variety of fish, prawns and other delights. Obviously feeling a bit put off that his host has ignored his multiple requests he does not eat the food. The host comes up and asks what is wrong why aren't you eating the food. George says he doesn't eat sea food to which the host says "Sea food - this is all River Food, We specially make River Fish, River Prawns etc"

That my friends is the best story Ive heard that sums up the huge language issue in China.


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