Friday, October 26, 2007

Meeting Rahul...a dream come true

Today I met Rahul Dravid the recently resigned India cricket captain and one of the genuine nice guys of world cricket. He is an impressive fellow. Very nice, very humble for someone so accomplished. There have been many famous duos in cricket on both the batting and bowling sides but very few trios. I think its safe to say that the most famous and important batting trio in cricket since the 3 Ws is - Sachin, Saurav and Rahul (of course Stanners will disagree on this point so Im waiting for his response :) - please post on the blog so every one else can benefit from your insight).
Rahul has the highest test batting average of any Indian cricketer at 57.25 runs per inning and is one of only three Indian batsmen (and the sixth player in cricket history) with over 10,000 runs in ODIs (Saurav and Sachin are the other two) . He is also only the third Indian to have more than 9000 runs in test cricket (Sunil G and Sachin are the other two).
I met Rahul at his moms art exhibition. She is a talented artist altho her style is not something I am too crazy about. I dont think she uses a brush but I think she actually uses a piece of wood to dab the paint on the canvas (I was unable to detect brush strokes on the canvas. Her paintings are mainly focused on women figures it would seem with mainly rural type settings


Blogger Stewart_Colbert said...

First meeting the Wall and then on to the Great Wall eh?

Any tidbits on why he resigned?

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