Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bangalore Indias Software Capital

My first visit to Bengoluru in almost 11 years. (Cities in India that used to have beautiful names that just rolled off the tongue now have these hideous new ultra authentic Indian names as the local governments wrap themselves in the faux tricolor of state language primacy....Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi, Qulum, Thiruvanathapuram etc).
The weather is fantastic after the stickiness and dust of madras....but the traffic oh my god the traffic. The town was basically built because the Brits in Madras couldn't handle the Madras summers so they needed something more this was a summer holiday town in the British Raj that has turned into India's third most populous city (53 million population) after Bombay and Delhi
The infrastructure is not that great for the Silicon Valley of India. The power in my rather expensive service apartment ($120 USD a night) fluctuates at least 10 times a day causing my wireless modem to lose connection. The Internet is slow. Mobile wireless in India is 230 kbps (Reliance Mobile service that I have). The fixed wireless is better 11 Mbps (which is a quarter what I get back home).
It doesn't really matter though. The country lurches forward and seemingly upward. The bars and clubs in both Chennai and Bengoluru are fantastic. The restaurants are superb also and so are the malls.....Lifestyle is equivalent to a mid level department store in the US....say a Target.


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