Saturday, February 02, 2008

Is there something about Massachusetts that breeds fake people?

What is it about Massachusetts that makes people fake...Senator Kerry the Duck Hunter in the 2004 campaign (a man who conducted his entire first date with Tereza in French – nothing wrong with that but its not something a regular American guy – which is what Kerry was trying to paint himself as - would do) and Romney the NRA member who has been hunting twice in his entire life, figuratively “marched” with Dr King, broke down crying and praising God at the side of the road when Mormons belatedly allowed "negroes" into their church in 1979, a man who thinks Gitmo is too small and needs to be doubled, was always pro life in action but pro choice publically etc....what a crock....the only time Romney sounds half way sincere is when he speaks about money and business...Romney is a Rockefeller Republican trying to reinvent himself as a Bible thumping backwoods southerner . It just does not work and the American people are smarter than he gives them credit for


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