Thursday, December 06, 2007

Too Much God?

Since I'm just a dumb immigrant I am getting very confused about whether the election next November is to elect the Commander in Chief or the Pastor in Chief of this nation.

While I have never been in a Papal Conclave I am pretty sure that the College of Cardinals in the Vatican probably has less references to God during their election of a Pope. This is getting downright silly. If Huckabee becomes President how different is the United States from a theocracy like Iran? You will have an ordained Baptist preacher as the head of Government. A Christian Ayatollah in the White House!!!!

Sure he likes Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd but he also reads Genesis literally. Isn't it a great shame that the country that has become synonymous with the separation of church and state may have a man of the cloth at its head (small chance but possible).

While Romney's speech was inspiring and soaring I also felt it highly improper. Why does a political candidate have to state on National TV in a highly publicized speech, in the 21st century for God sakes....that he "Believes that Jesus is his Lord and Savior and is God incarnate" - I cannot imagine a single western country where any politician will feel the need to make that statement. (In fact I am reasonably sure that those kind of statements might even be rare in non western countries).....To me that was the Christian equivalent of Romney shouting Allahu Akbar.

Maybe when those Godless communists in China (or some country that does not believe that Jesus is their Lord and Savior) seriously kicks some Jesus / God fearing American ass the US will ratchet down this God talk a bit. There is this unstated notion that Americans are exceptional, a favored people, perhaps even one of the lost tribes of Israel. This is the sin of pride and we all know what the good book says about pride going before a fall.


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