Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I love the fall

The cool crisp air, the smell of leaves burning, the colors, the light, the feeling that this is natures last hurrah before the onslaught of winter. Heres a poem I wrote in 1992 when I was at my friends cottage in Quebec.

Summers gone away my love
And the leaves begin to fall
As slanting light becomes pitch night
We await the winters call

The autumn breeze stirs my heart
And makes me long for you
By harvest moon, the fleeting loon
Flys south in skys of blue

The raindrops on the orange leaves
Are natures tears of sorrow
For autumns here and the winters near
And we will all be gone tomorrow


Blogger Blog reader said...

It's snowing
now you've got to embrace the snow

4:56 PM  

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