Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Man that killed the GOP – “Macaca”

I am calling the current GOP mess and division the Maccaca / YouTube syndrome If it wasn’t for the George Allen comment referring to the young Indian American as “Macaca” (a North African racial slur meaning monkey) and for YouTube subsequently making the video ubiquitous all throughout 2006 then George Allen would likely have been the coalescing force that would have kept the Republican party whole. Instead we have this factitious mess where the front runner (McCain) is greatly disliked (almost hated) by the base (because of his perceived anti tax, and pro campaign finance and immigration stances).

So once again we Indo-Americans although small in number (2 million at last count) have had an influence that is not commensurate with our numbers in the country we have chosen as our home (I am being tongue in cheek so please no "delusions of grandeur" rebuttals)


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