Friday, May 16, 2008

California Supreme Court says Gays have right to marry

Finally. California becomes the second state in the Union (after Mass.) to allow gay marriage. This is not judicial activism by men in black robes. The judges were all elected by landslides (69% and over). The California Legislature passed 2 bills allowing gay marriage which were struck down at the ballot box and the executive Gov. Schwarzenegger has agreed to abide by the SC decision. So all three branches of government are in agreement.
Of course the right will fight this and will take it to ballot again in November (they already have a million signatures) but I think this time they wont win at the ballot. Its time we grew up as a nation. Its time we realize that our fellow citizens who are gay have a right to unions and a right to protection under the law. The gay couple who lives down the road from me does not threaten my heterosexual marriage. Its silly to say that. Its the same argument that racists used to prevent miscegenation in the South. It is truly fitting that this bill passes a few days after Mildred Loving (Loving vs. Virginia 1967) breathed her last. We are slowly overcoming and regardless of what the bigots on the right say we are becoming a more just and less prejudiced society.


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