Sunday, February 03, 2008

The House that Reagan built

I for one am tired of the homilies the GOP candidates are making to the Gipper. Lets see RR is the greatest Republican President in the last 50 years but yet his governing record is anathema to numerous closely held GOP positions.

1. The GOP today hates Amnesty...well Reagan presided over the 1986 Amnesty that gave almost 2 million illegal aliens a path to citizenship

2. The GOP today will never cut and run from a fight.....well Reagan pulled the marines out of Lebanon as soon as 241 of them were killed in Beiruit

3. The GOP today believes in balanced budgets.....well we know Reagan was the second greatest spender in US history (Dubbya is number one) and left the largest deficit in US history when he left office

So on at least the three great pillars of GOP core values the Gipper comes up short.

So Reagans achievements are - Grenada and some great speeches. I cant give him sole credit for defeating Communism. He shares credit with John Paul and Gorby...both of whom played equal or greater roles in tipping over the rotting Soviet system


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