Sunday, February 03, 2008

Why does the right hate Hillary so much?

It is an interesting question. She hasn’t really done anything that would justify the level of hate spewed by the Rush Limbaugh’s and the Faux News’ of the world. She tried to get universal healthcare through Congress in 94 (a noble effort) but it failed. She apparently fired some staff members during Travelgate and was supposedly high handed with staff in the White House when she was first lady. Either way even if these things are true there is nothing in her record that justifies the level of hatred for her from the Right. She has stood by Bill although he has been a cad. She has raised a fine daughter in Chelsea. She is a smart, caring woman. She has been one of the most moderate to right of center Democrats in the Senate. Ken Starr spent 80 million investigating her and Bill and found not one piece of evidence of questionable conduct during the Whitewater, Vince Fosters death etc. All he found was a stained blue dress. Could they just hate her because she is their worst nightmare come true….a SMART WOMAN who has the balls to stand up to their petty prejudices?


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