Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The American People and their Intelligence

I know you will accuse me of being elitist after reading this post but I think I have had enough of the political discourse in this country...it is just downright stupid on both sides. I think the reason why the level of the debate is so stupid is that the American people are stupid and politicians being opportunists need to play to their constituencies.

This gas tax holiday debate is the breaking pt for me.

Having had to hear all the pandering from both sides and the simplistic thinking, whether it be "they hate us because we love freedom" or whatever I’m realizing that I’m more in love with the idea of America than America itself...ie I am in love with the idea that was put forth in the Bill of Rights and The Federalist Papers.....the implementation of the grand American experiment leaves a lot to be desired

This disillusionment with our politics, which I thought could not go lower after the swift boat attacks at Kerry is being sorely challenged in the Dem primaries as Hillary morphs into a more right wing version of Maggie Thatcher with a Mike Tyson streak of underhanded fighting (I think she will one day reach across the podium and bite the guys ear off.

Sometimes I think I will eventually leave America and go live somewhere else for awhile. I came here so idealistic, so full of belief in our system and I thought that belief was unshakeable. It is amazing that eight years of Bush, Cheney and Rove have managed to do to my American Dream. One part of me knows that America is greater than these three cynical individuals and they will eventually be treated the way history always treats bad guys but my patience is wearing thin.


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