Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rove Gone, Gonzo Gone, Who next?

Turd Blossom (aka Karl Rove) and Fredo Corleone (aka Al Gonzales) have now officially left the building. Bush continues to do some house cleaning as he tries to save the last 17 months of his Presidency in the hope of actually achieving something and trying to pull his "legacy" out of the historical sewer.

The odds are against him though. Iraq is going to be in an all out blood bath as the al-Hakims and al-Sadrs fight it out. Maliki will probably throw in the towel by the end of the year or get himself killed. With Bushs luck, al-Sadr and the Mahdi Army is probably going to win and we would have succeeded in getting in power (after Hamas) our second populist theocracy in the Middle East.

Dang...now that's the kind of result that can make a nice boy from Crawford reach for his holster and invade Iran this winter....

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Obamas big screwup

Anyway you look at it...Barack was wrong to state publicly that he would strike within Pakistani territory to get Osama with or without President Musharaffs cooperation. Hillary is looking more and more Presidential day by day. Her response to the issue was so much more mature and nuanced. Her sound byte that the Senator from IL wants to talk to our enemies and bomb our allies was also brilliant. Maybe Obama needs some more experience?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bonds breaks Hank Aarons Record

Barry Bonds crossed Hank Aarons most home runs records last night when he hit home run number 756. My feelings are mixed. I am happy for Barry but unhappy at his methods for achieveing this fantastic record. If he did not take steroids he would still have been in the top 3 or 4 players of his generation. By taking steroids he has become the greatest player of his generation but at the cost of his integrity. Will there be an asterisk against his home run number like Roger Maris' 61*......I do not know but its a crying shame that such a great player had to resort to artificial means to break this greatest record in baseball. The real test is going to be whether he gets into Cooperstown on the first ballot.....I think he will. Lets check in 5 years..