Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is Sherri Shepherd the dumbest person on TV?

The co host of The View on ABC thinks that the "world may be flat", that Christians were there at the "beginning" and is older than everything including Judaism. The Greeks threw the Christians to the Lions etc. The fact that something so stupid is allowed to raise a child must qualify as child abuse. Poor Jefferey (her son). Heres the part on Evolution and the Flat Earth.

Barbara Walters and Whoopi sound just a little less stupid....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

So I went to my first campaign event ever

Sen John McCain was visiting an adjoining town to the one I live in as part of his Michigan campaign. It was great to see him. I got within 5 feet of him but never shook his hand. He is a small man. Not more than 5 ft 6 inches or so.

What was really interesting was the crowd. 99.9% white. The only non whites in the audience were either Asian women (probably 2) married to white guys or adopted black children of white couples. (There was a handful of reporters who were not white either). There were probably 1200 people in the high school gymnasium.

Other than a few Ron Paul hecklers it was an orderly event. McCain did his usual stump speech. He talked about Islamic fascism ("The biggest threat of our time'), The Surge ("its working my friends and David Petraeus should be Times man of the Year"), jobs for Michigan ("The old jobs aint coming back"), nuclear power (as an alternative to dependence on Middle Eastern oil) and reducing taxes. It was a good speech. He cracked four or five really funny jokes and that was it. He definitely does not look as old in person as he does on TV. He did not take any questions.

He has always been one of my heroes (although he dropped a little bit in my esteem when he refused to criticize Bush on Iraq (just Rumsfeld) and when he went to Liberty University to meet Falwell) and I always wanted to see him in person.

I wonder if he will get the nomination. The GOP likes to give guys their turn when they have waited long enough (like Bob Dole). McCain certainly has. The only problem with McCain is that his age (71 years) just has to be a factor when compared to the spring chicken junior Senator from IL.

I think he is a great man, a great hero and a real patriot. I wish he had spoken a bit about Gitmo and torture and a sane Immigration policy but he stayed to the safe stuff. He also took some pokes at Putin ("when I looked deeply into his eyes I saw three letters K - G - B" - which really was also a dig at Bush ).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yes We Can

What a speech. I did not think that he could top the Iowa victory speech but he has blown it out of the water. The intonation and the cadence of MLK coupled with the hope and charm of Bobby Kennedy. Now he just needs to become the nominee and get elected.

"You can be the majority that leads the nation out of the long political darkness"....."In the unlikely story that is America there has never been anything false about Hope"


"It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation, it was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail towards freedom through the darkest of nights, it was sung by immigrants as they struck out from distant shores and pioneers who pushed westwards against an unforgiving wilderness, it was the call of workers who organized, women who reached for the ballot, a President who chose the moon as our new frontier and a King who took us to the mountain top and pointed the way to the Promised Land"

It gives me goose bumps just hearing it!!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

L'Affaire Harbhajan

What a dreadful story. For those of you who dont follow cricket. During Australias last tour of India. Andrew Symonds, a cricketer of mixed race, was booed by fans who made racist comments and depictions about him (think Simian). The BCCI in my opinion did a horrible job of damage control (I would have banned those spectators for life from ever visiting a BCCI venue as per how European Soccer authorities have targetted professional hooligans). Fast forward many months India is now in Australia. During the second test at Sydney, India does a horrible job on the fifth day and inexplicably loses the test. There were some terrible umpiring decisions against India (ironically by a black Umpire - Steve Bucknor - who is one of the best in the game). In the subsequent melee, (the Indian fans at the SCG went ballistic), Harbhajan Singh is accused by Symonds of calling Symonds a monkey again. He is suspended and the BCCI is considering suspending the tour.
This has released an unprecedented amount of introspection by the Aussies. Many ex Australian players (Greg Matthews, Shane Warne etc) have come out and said the Aussies are arrogant, immature and bad sports. Either way this has been a huge embarrasment for India. I think that the underlying racism that is in most Indians towards blacks came out (Certainly with the crowd). I dont know what Harbhajan said to Symonds. The TV footage would indicate he was trying to apologize to Symonds for the crowd.
Harbhajan is not very proficient in the English language so its anyones guess what he was intending to say and what exactly came out.